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    Pastor, I need your help. God has told me to recruit the help of as many prayers as I can. My niece is very sick. She is closer to death than we would like to admit. She is onl...
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    Please lift up Clayton and Spring, and their call to the ministry. Also pray for the Belton and Killeen area minstry and fellowships.
Welcome and thank you for visiting...
We are currently maintaining, establishing or re-establishing ministry headquarters in:

  • Red Rock
  • San Antonio
  • San Angelo
  • Waco
  • Abilene

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We hope to reactivate our  Medium and Long Lists. The places we normally visit weekly will rotate into the two-week visitation. Medium List will include the following stops:

  1. Red Rock
  2. Leander
  3. Belton
  4. Waco
  5. Abilene
  6. Lamesa
  7. Odessa
  8. San Angelo
  9. Fort Worth
  10. San Antonio
Fellowship Churches and Ministries

Grace Baptist Church - Red Rock, Texas 78662
Bateman Baptist Church - Red Rock, Texas 78662
Christian Community Fellowship - Red Rock, Texas 78662
Taylorsville Assembly Of God - Taylorsville, Texas
Bread Of Life Ministries Church - Tilmon, Texas

Baker Heights Assembly Of God, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, H.S. Earp

Up And Off, Glendale, Arizona, General B. Smith

Up And Off, Fresno, California, General B. Smith

Mount Olive Baptist Church, Rotan, Texas, Reverend, General B. Smith

Street Ambassadors, Abilene, Texas, Minister, General B. Smith

St. Paul Independent Methodist, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Milton G. Bradley

Salvation Army, Abilene, Texas, Major, Dan Turner

Later Rain Foursquare, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Sherry Lyle

Ambassadors For Christ, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, General B. Smith

Gospel Assembly, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, C.C. Shepperd

Abundant Life Apostolic Church, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Larry Baird

Exodus Metropolitan Community Church, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Connie Mangin

New Beginnings UPC, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Floyd Leverton

Northside Free Methodist, Abilene, Texas, Dr., Arthur Pressey

Lighthouse Assembly Of God, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Dorothy Boren

Gospel Lighthouse, Abilene, Texas,Reverend, Dorothy Matheny

Weberville Baptist Church, Weberville, Texas, Reverend, Willie B. Routt Sr.

Hornsby Bend Assembly Of God, Austin, Texas, Reverend, James Avery

Glad Tidings Assembly Of God, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Roy Evans

Minda Lane Church Of Christ, Abilene, Texas, Minister, Jasper P. Potter

Highland Church Of Christ, Abilene, Texas, Minister, Lynn Anderson

Hilcrest Church OF Christ, Abilene, Texas, Minister, Terry Brown

Northside Baptist, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Don R Woods

Trinity Baptist, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Leland Kennedy

First Baptist, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, James Avery

Southeast Baptist Church, Austin, Texas, Reverend, Jerry Bush

Souhside Baptist, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Kevin Ueckert

Bible Chapel, Abilene, Texas, Reverend, Don Greenway

Redeeming Love, Abilene, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, Don Woods

Way, Truth and Life Church, Abilene, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, Roy Richardson

Soldiers Of The Cross, Abilene, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, Carlos Fuentes

Saint Luke, Abilene, Texas, Methodist, Reverend, Milton G. Bradley

Christian Country Fellowship, Red Rock, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, Bill Pearson

Faith Impact Church, Bastrop, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, Mike Vega

Vision Church, Lockhart, Texas, Pentecost,  ,  

Faith Chapel, Lockhart, Texas, Pentecost,  ,  

Ebbon Baptist Church, Luling, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Herman Luckey

New Flower Hill Baptist Church, Smithville, Texas, Baptist,  ,  

New Union Baptist, Flatonia, Texas, Baptist, Reverend,  

Mount Woodrow, Cedar Creek, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Phillip DeShay

Bateman Baptist Church,  ,  ,  ,  ,  

First Baptist, West, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, John Crowder

Ash Street Baptist, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Robert Giles

King Solomon Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, C C Hines

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, L T Thomas

St Johns Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Peoples

Morning Star Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Joe Jackson

Galilee Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Bobby King

Harold Temple COGIC, Abilene, Texas, COGIC, Elder, Harold

Southside COGIC, Abilene, Texas, COGIC, Elder, Bennett

Faith Deliverence Tabernacle, Abilene, Texas, COGIC, Elder, Jerry Jordan

First Assembly Of God, Abilene, Texas, Assembly Of God, Reverend, Bill Thomas

Friendly Missionary Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, V B Barnes

Mt Moriah Baptist Church, Abilene, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Hurd

Union Chapel Baptist Church, Rochester, Texas, Baptist, Reverend, Carter

Plum Street United Methodist Church, Abilene, Texas, Methodist, Reverend, Izziard Lankford

Christian Fellowship Foursquare Church, Abilene, Texas, Foursquare,  ,  

Trinity Chapel, Abilene, Texas, Pentecost, Reverend, S C Lemond


AFC - Ministry

Primary focus ministry areas are :
  • Sharing The Gospel Message - Just as Lord would that all might come to repentance and none should perish, We believe it is up too all Christians to share the Gospel. That doesn't mean saving everyone we come in contact with. That doesn't mean jumping behind a pulpit. We are to be examples of Christ by sharing Christ. It may me as simple as sharing with a hurting person on how The Lord brought you through a similar situation. Or sharing in a Nursing Home or visiting at a jail.  Share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • You Believe America - Do you believe? We would like to have a One Million strong network of Believers.  We are embarking upon an inititive backed by Americas businesses and Americas Believers to gather one miliion not ashamed to say "I BELIEVE" on the The Lord Jesus Christ.
  • CNOBIA - Christian Network Of Believers In Action is believers stepping up and feeding the hungry, assisting in disasters, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and afflicted, visiting the prisons and jails, teaching vocational and self sustaining skills. Educating our children. We believe the Church has become too quick to abandon what God has instructed us The Church, HIS CHURCH to do.  We have become complacent concerning the care for His people and relying on the government and government programs to do what we the CHURCH are supposed to be doing.

  • TLC - Transitional Living Centers that offer a variety of options at the various centers. Including transitioning from homelessness, re-entry after incarceration, residential assistance while learning a skill to transition from public assistance and residence while undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.

  • HOPE 2 Live - Providing assistance in implementing a plan to eliminate Surcharges, Traffic Tickets, Fines, Child Support, other Legal Fees.  Provide assistance in mental health issues and assessments. Help develop and complete a successful plan of action in CPS and Divorce cases.  Prayer, counseling, mediation and available resources for marriage and relationship struggles. Restoring hope by being a vessel of Christ.

  • 5 Forward - Establish or re-establish five strategically placed regional Church Edification Missions.

AFC - Ministry Needs

After 40 years of ministry we are establishing or re-establishing ministry in five strategic geographical areas in Texas: Red Rock, San Antonio, San Angelo, Abilene, and Waco. Each of these locations will have an estimated startup and monthly cost of $8,000.00  Funding will eventually come from four sources including: Tithes and Offerings, Thrift Store and Fundraisers, Programs and Christian Corporate support.  These include monthly contribution commitments from $5-$200 from our supporters.  Thank you for your support.  Please give only after praying about what God would have you give.  We are currently trying to implement an automated monthly giving avenue, until then please return here for future support.

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Family Worship Center - Abilene

Thank You notes

Thank you to the following for their support to Family Worship Center -Abilene:

Graybar Electric

Lee Caldwell


Answering The Call

WELCOME - Let me be the first to commend you for stepping up and saying yes to God. Follow the links below that apply to your calling(s).

You may now be wondering where to begin.  Your willingness to be used of God, and our need for obedient servants to help plant the next 100 churches should go hand in hand. You are the only one that knows how and where the Lord has called you. Are you called to:


Not IF, but AS you feel the calling of Almighty God, upon your life, Give us a call, let us agree with you and help you get busy for the Lord.
 Just like you were called so was I.  The Lord instructed me to plant 100 churches.  At first I was excited, then overwhelmed, then doubtful, then discouraged and finally disobedient.  
Just like Jonah, I ended up running right into the belly of my big fish, and after seeing my disobedience began to infect and affect those around me, I drug myself to my Nineveh. 
Today I still don't know how - I will see the back side of my "YES" to God, but everyday I'm amazed at seeing my Heavenly Father do great and mighty things that I was not aware of. All through the door of my, "Here am I Lord, send me".
Regardless of your calling, please visit the called to PREACH link above.
In His Service,
Pastor Smith



Red Rock Revival


I want to thank all of you who came out and supported the revival services this week.  We began on Saturday, November 12, 2011 and Closed out on Saturday, November 19, 2011.  Praise The Lord for the lives that we touched under the tent

I am still in need of transportation that will get my family around and more repairs are needed to get the bus on the road. We have still not confirmed locations in the Belton, Killeen, Temple, Waco or Dallas-Fort Worth, Brownwood or Abilene areas.

Thrift Store Opens In Abilene -Fundraiser Kickoff

Another load of donations come in to Thrift Store


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